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Boat Loan – Get Your New Boat With The Boat Loan Experts.

Would you like to improve your lifestyle and change your weekends forever? If so, then buying a boat and getting out on the river or open water is a great way to fulfill that dream.

Whether you are looking for a small boat for fishing or a luxury cruiser, our experienced friendly staff can help you secure the finance you require.

Why use Need Finance for your Boat Loan?

  • Our staff are experienced with all types of watercraft funding.
  • Paperwork for both the loan and securing a boat can be handled by our team.
  • Access to excellent rates from leading Australian lenders
  • Buy through a dealer, boat broker or privately – we want you to have the boat you want.

What are the benefits of Need Finance Boat Finance?

  • You can choose a boat loan term from 2-7 years.
  • Loan broker experts will advise you on the insurance options that are available to you – insure yourself and your boat.
  • Choose to make your payments weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The Finance process:

How does the process work?

Well after you make contact with us, we will simply take down a loan application with yourself over the phone. Once we have all of your details, we then email you or fax to you a Privacy Act form and a Credit Guide form to read and sign.

You then return these to our office with a current payslip – you can fax them, email them or drop them into our office.

From here, we will submit the application online to a specialist wholesale financier that best suits your profile.

Once the assessment is complete, the financier assessing the application will advise whether the loan is Approved, Conditioned or Declined. This process can be done in a few hours and in many cases, the answer will come through on the same day that it was submitted.

If approved, we will call for an invoice which have the full description and details of the Boat/jetski that you are purchasing. These details are necessary so that the Loan documents can be drawn up ready for you to sign.

If conditioned, we will discuss with you what it is that the financier requires to approve the loan. It may be that they require a small deposit to be put towards the purchase, it may be that the boat may have some issues. There are many reasons why a loan may have some conditions put on it however there is nothing to worry about – we sort through these issues with you and then get the documents drawn up ready to sign.

If Declined, we talk with the financier for the reasons why. In most cases, these issues can be fixed otherwise we will approach a 2nd financier for you.

Once the documents are drawn up, we will coordinate a sign up meeting with you and the 2nd borrow if there is two. This meeting may be held at one of our offices or at the dealership where you are purchasing the boat. We need access to a photocopier to take copies of identification so that is a reason for the meeting being at one of these two locations.

Once the documents are signed, we send them off for settlement and the funds will then be banked to the sellers bank account.

The boat is then ready for for you to collect and enjoy.

Call us now on 1300 633 334 for a fast approval low rate Boat Loan.