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Equipment Finance – Commercial Hire Purchase (H.P) or Asset Purchase (A.P)
A secured Loan facility for the Commercial Use of a Motor Vehicle.

Equipment Finance – Security
In most cases an Automobile will be used.

Equipment Finance – General
A Commercial Hire Purchase, Asset Purchase are Finance facilities used for Motorvehicle purchases in the commercial use category.

The Finance Company gives immediate use of your Motorvehicle or equipment over an agreed term with regular fixed payments, usually monthly. Once final payment is made you will become the owner of the Motorvehicle.

Payment is made over a fixed term up to five (5) years and may have a Balloon payment as the last payment of the term negotiated.

Loans include all registration, delivery costs, insurance: – comprehensive and shortfall, if required.

Tax is reduced – interest charges and depreciation can be claimed each year.
Accurate budgeting is given due to fixed payments, protecting against interest rate fluctuations.

Payments structured to suit cash flow of your business. Cash reserves are maintained and can be used in other areas of your business, like expansion, investments or general purposes.

Existing line of Bank Credit is usually not restricted. In most cases a deposit is not required but if a deposit is made benefits are lower payments – shorter term – reduced interest charges.

Payments can be made by direct debit from your bank.