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Personal Loans Loan Contract – An Unsecured Loan for Personal Use for a Motor Vehicle

Personal loans Security
In most cases no security is required.

Personal Loans General
The Loan Contract is a Financial facility used for Motorvehicle purchases in personal use category.

Payments are made over a fixed term up to five (5) years. Loans include all registrations, delivery costs and can include comprehensive insurance, loan insurance, gap insurance and car warranty.

In most cases deposits are not required.

Deposit Benefit
If you make a deposit, or a deposit is found necessary as part of your loan, your repayments will be lower. Your equity in your Motorvehicle Investment will increase.
Interest will be less to pay.

Payments can be made by direct debit from your bank.

Build Equity
Yes you can build better equity in your Motorvehicle investment during the loan period by paying more frequently or in larger amounts.