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23 May 2013
Car Loans
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Car Loan Low Rates –

Car Loan Low Rates are here for you. Your Bank especially, will try to keep information on why your loan was not approved, quiet. They believe that some people will fudge some of their personal information if they know what sort of criteria is required for the banks to buy the business or approve the loan. If you’ve ever had a loan application declined then you’ll know that.

Car Loan Low Rates

We have all found that it is very unlikely that you will get a satisfactory response as to why it was declined. Lenders try to avoid giving specific reasons for the decline as they want to keep their lending criteria secret.

However, it is important for you to know how you can improve your future applications. By looking at your basic profile, you could discover why your application was declined.

Lenders make assumptions about you from previous experience. These assumptions are based on the behavior patterns and spending patterns of those who have borrowed before you, who have paid back their loans on time. This means that by considering your application, they can predict to a certain degree how you will go with paying back a loan on time.

Lenders check to see if you have:

  • Good income- allows you to make payments on time without any hardship..
  • A good credit history during the last 5 years.
  • Stable employment with at least 30 hours employment per week..
  • Stable living arrangements.

If your car loan application has been rejected, it is likely one or more of the crieria above was not met.

The Main Lending Criteria


Your income is usually the first thing that lenders consider when deciding whether you qualify for low car loan low rates finance. It’s obvious that a portion of your earnings will go towards paying various daily expenses and bills, this is why lenders generally will not allow a loan application if the repayments will take up a major portion of your income. Lenders also take into consideration any other debts you have, such as other loans and credit card bills. If they conclude that you will be unable to repay your loan based on your salary, your loan application will be declined.

You can use our car loan calculator to get an estimate on what repayment levels you should expect on your car loan.

Credit History

If you’ve ever rented a property or taken out a loan then you has a Credit History. Lenders will always check your credit history by looking at your credit file before approving your loan.

Your credit file contains the details of your credit history. This includes details of:

  • Previous loan applications for the last 5 years.
  • Current loans.
  • Overdue accounts – also known as defaults.
  • Current and previous employers.

Car loan applications leave a notation in your credit file and if you make multiple applications, this can be seen as an indicator of financial stress. You should keep loan applications to a minimum. Also remember that some lenders will refuse your application if they see that you have overdue fees (no matter how small).


Lenders want to know if you have steady employment. If the lender’s see that you change jobs or are still in a probation period they may rule that you are not reliable and are likely to default on your loan.

Residential Situation

Lenders will often consider your residential situation. Moving around on a regular basis is another potential indicator of unreliability.

What to do if your loan application has been declined

Look at your credit file

Check your credit file before you make a car loan application and ensure entries are accurate. Overdue accounts should be rectified immediately.

Checking your credit file is free with Veda Advantage.

Have patience – check out car loan low rates that suit your profile.

If you are still within a probation period at work, try waiting until your probation period ends. Some lenders will not consider your loan application until you are a permanent full-time employee.

Consider a secured car loan

You lender will use your car as security. Secured loans will often offer lower interest rates.

Don’t despair

Before applying again for another loan, you should allow some time to:

  • Increase your savings.
  • Create a savings track record to show the lender.
  • You will have a larger deposit.
  • You won’t need to borrow as much.

Don’t be too troubled if you are declined a car loan. You will have opportunity to apply again soon. Car loan low rates will be yours with our help.