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20 August 2013
Car Loans
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Car Loans – Need Finance has been operating in Queensland, New south Wales and Victoria for many years now and specialise in New Car Finance – 1300 633 334.

Car Loans – Need Finance – New Car buying Considerations –

Car Loans – Depreciation is one of the biggest ongoing pressures in owning a new vehicle. It describes the loss of the value in your car as it gets older and this loss of value will go on for the life of your car ownership. Whether the car is under finance with Need Finance or you went and paid cash for it, the car will diminish in value as the years go by.


With a bit of foresight and forward planning, you can minimise the fall in the value of your car and retain the highest value possible.

Here are some useful car loans tips –

For a start –

One way to lessen the immediate decrease to the value of your new car is to purchase a demonstrator model. These will be cheaper so the depreciation will be less. Should you go and buy a brand new model, it will help if you buy it at a time that coincides with end of year sales or model run-outs. Most people are drawn to the possibility of saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars straight off the bat even if the roll-out of new models can have an impact upon vehicle resale values down the track. Car Loans and finance is as easy for both new and demo models in that the financier treats them the same.

Investigate all the options available to you before jumping in to purchase – stay away from the costly extras such as a sun roof or park assist. You will get little value back on the car for these extras when you come to sell the car.

Another good way of cutting the amount you pay for the car upfront is to hunt down drive away deals. Remember that the less you pay now, the less value there is to depreciate later on.

What’s in a brand name –

Well, sometimes quite a bit.

When the time comes for you to sell the vehicle, you will obviously get more for it if it is a make or model that used cars dealers are particularly interested in. The primary determinant of this is the reputation of the vehicle model in question. Those that are renowned for their good workmanship and dependability ought to be highly regarded since they are almost certain to command higher prices at resale.

There is a saying that bears remembering – fashions change, style is forever. Things that are popular this year will not necessarily be of any interest in years to come, so it pays to stick to vehicle choices that reflect traditional preferences for example metallic colours.

Need Finance is big on safety and safety features. ABS and Traction Control etc. are becoming more desirable for cars on the resale market

Car Care –

One thing that we all can do with a little bit of effort is to keep it clean – inside and out. Even a full detail once a year will maintain the new car feel. It may cost a $100 or so, but a full detail will remind you how nice the car is.

Also by servicing it frequently using the log book intervals, you guarantee that it will maintain a healthy proportion of its original value and if you store it in a garage when it isn’t in use, this also is very useful.

So remember, it is all up to you – be smart with your purchase, choose the right car and look after it vigilantly.

Need Finance can assist with low rate car loans from 5.69%.

Call now and we will assist you with a car loans – 1300 633 334.